Hello dear festival participants!

This weekend our Zouk Cologne Festival 2020 should have taken place and we are all so sad our festival had to be cancelled this year because we wanted to learn a lot, listen to amazing music and dance with all of you! BUT Tiago and Julinha just came up with an amazing idea :

Our awesome teachers agreed with us to teach you with online classes and our wonderful DJs will provide you with their music via online sets! So we still can learn and dance altogether, each one of us staying at home!

We will upload all classes on our YouTube channel Tiago & Julinha – Brazilian Dance Cologne beginning tomorrow 11th of April at 11:00 am. The DJ sets will also be uploaded to our YouTube channel beginning 11th of April at 5:50 pm. All classes and DJ sets will stay online at least a week, probably even much longer. If you like subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date!

Larissa will go online with her live dancer conditioning on her instagram larissa.thayane at 10:30 pm (German time) and DJ Hush Z will go live with his Cologne Zouk Festival Live Set at 9:00 pm (German time) at his YouTube Channel DJ HushZ. Make sure to check them out!

Our artists are doing this voluntarily and as you already got your passes for our festival you can participate without paying anything in addition, but we also have to save your money for next years edition. That is why we will add their PayPal accounts underneath each video. Please do firmly consider to donate money if you can, because most of them do not have any additional form of income. Most of them (Tiago and Julinha as well) do also provide regular online classes, online streams and music to download. If you want to support them you should definitely check out their online offers on their social media accounts and websites . 

If you want to show us some love, here is the link to a Facebook profile twibbon for our Zouk Cologne Festival 2020 „I would have loved to be there“ that you can use: Twibbon

We also decided to sell our festival T-shirts online designed by our brilliant designer Vera Küsgen and the earnings will also be for our artists, organization team and dance school! Here you can purchase them online: Schwoofers eShop

We are so happy for all the artists joining our online festival and we really hope to make your easter weekend even better and to bring dance to your home and hearts 🐰❤️

Best regards,

Tiago & Julinha | Tanzraum | Cologne Zouk Team